Why have an Enthronement of the Sacred Heart?

An Enthronement of the Sacred Heart is a ceremony for an individual, family, business or school where you pledge to let Jesus lead your life.  You promise to include Jesus in the daily workings of your life.  The ceremony takes 20 minutes. Order your kit below.

Jesus made 12 Promises to those who do an Enthronement:

  1. You will receive all the graces necessary for your state of life.
  2. You will have peace established in your home.
  3. You will receive comfort in all your afflictions.
  4. You will receive secure refuge during life, and above all, in death.
  5. You will receive abundant blessings upon all your undertakings.
  6. You will find in Jesus’ Heart the source and infinite ocean of mercy.
  7. If you are lukewarm, you shall become fervent.
  8. If you are fervent, you shall quickly mount to high perfection.
  9. Your place will be blessed where you expose and honor an image of Jesus’ Heart.
  10. If you are a priest, you will receive the gift of touching the most hardened hearts.
  11. If you promote this devotion, your name shall be written in Jesus’ heart.
  12. If you receive Holy Communion on the First Fridays in nine consecutive months, you will receive from the all-powerful love of the excessive mercy of Jesus’ Heart, the grace of final perseverance.  You shall not die in Jesus’ disgrace, nor without receiving your sacraments. Your safe refuge in your last moment shall be Jesus’ divine Heart.

Think about what all the graces necessary for your state of life means:  that new job you are looking for that you might not have gotten, the stopping of the talk of divorce, the disappearing of friction with a family member.  Take a moment and imagine how all the graces necessary for your state in life will help you with your particular problem.  Think about how your life will be different when your problem goes away.

When you do your Enthronement, you will receive great blessings.  Try it and you’ll see.  What have you got to lose?

The family is under attack.  From Fatima we know, “The decisive battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be over marriage and the family. … ”  But God has not left us orphans.  The answer is the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. The purpose of the Enthronement is to protect and aid the family.

Enthronement of the Sacred Heart is entirely biblical. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” (Rev 3:20). Jesus is knocking. Invite Him in by ordering a kit now and having an Enthronement.

We’ve seen great blessings received by those who do an Enthronement.:  It could be as simple as you having a peaceful family gathering at Thanksgiving as opposed to the usual fighting. Or, it could be as drastic as you breaking  a long standing addiction.

Do you want a deeper relationship with Jesus?  In the spiritual life, God is looking for our desire.  Make that commitment and Jesus will do the rest.  Jesus made 12 Promises to those who completed an Enthronement.  One of the Promises is abundant blessings on all your undertakings.  So, you will not be doing this alone.  Jesus will help you.

The Enthronement is a way to grow closer to Jesus.  How do you grow closer to someone?  By spending time with them.  How can you spend the most time with someone?  By living with them.  How can you live with Jesus?  By inviting Him into your home with an Enthronement.

The Enthronement is endorsed by Popes.  Popes St. Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI and Pius XII have lauded devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Sacred Heart Enthronement as a devotion par excellence for restoring and defending the piety of the Catholic family.

Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey was commanded to spread this devotion.  He asked the Holy Father, Pius X, to bless his project to promote the Sacred Heart Enthronement and to grant him permission to preach it everywhere.  What a surprise to hear the answer: “No, my son!” Looking up, Father Mateo reiterated his request. Again came the answer: “No, my son… you ask permission, and I say ‘No.’ Not only do I permit you, but I command you to give your life for this work of social salvation.”

I’m a lifelong Catholic and I have not heard of an Enthronement of the Sacred Heart before.  The Enthronement was popularized by Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey in the early 20th century. Devotion to the Sacred Heart goes back to the 1600’s. The work of Sacred Heart Enthronement Network is to make the Enthronement known.

We think of devotion to the Sacred Heart as the ultimate devotion.  Other devotions focus on something that leads you to Jesus:  Mary, or the Rosary (contemplating events of Jesus’ life) for example.  But, devotion to the Sacred Heart focuses on the love of Jesus.  And, God is love (1 John 4:16).  With the Sacred Heart you are devoted to God’s essence, to Him, not something that will lead you to him.  Do you like the Divine Mercy?  What is mercy but undeserved love?

I’m not worthy, you might be thinking.  No one is worthy.  There is nothing you could do to make Jesus love you more than He already does.  The question is:  will you let Jesus love you more?  Regardless of where you currently are in your relationship with Jesus, He wants to grow His personal relationship with you.  He wants to take it to the next level, for you to have a deeper relationship with Him.

That’s a big commitment: letting Jesus lead your life.  You probably already have a relationship with Jesus.  This is just making it formal.  It is drawing a line in the sand and saying “from now on, I will make a special effort to let Jesus lead my life.”  And, based on the 12 Promises he will help you in that effort.

I’m not ready, you might be thinking.  The truth is life is short.  There is no time like the present.  There is never a good time.  Why don’t you order a kit now?  When the kit arrives, you will be ready.

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