I share my experience with the ultimate job search strategy in finding my ideal job, hoping that it will help others.

At the end of 2018, my company let me go after working there for 13 years.

Job Search Strategy

The first thing I did was an Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. Welcomehisheart.com has information about doing an Enthronement. It is a ceremony where you allow Jesus to lead your life. Jesus makes 12 Promises to those who do an Enthronement.

A few of the 12 Promises are:

  • Abundant blessings on all your undertakings
  • All the graces necessary for your state of life
  • Peace in your family
  • Comfort in all your afflictions

I asked Jesus if I could have a job by February because that was when my severance ran out. I also asked Jesus to guide my search and lead me to the job He wanted for me.

Divine Assistance

I was open to everything and tried everything: I attended a bi-weekly seminar for the unemployed. Most attendees had been let go from their companies after working many years and were bitter and angry, to the point that it hindered their job search. One of the presenters spent two slides talking about not being angry at a former employer for letting you go. I, on the other hand, was excited about the opportunity for a new job. One chapter of my life closing and another opening. There wasn’t any animosity at all. Many people were shocked to hear I only got one month’s severance after 13 years, but I was happy to have received that much. The peace I had in accepting my circumstances are graces I attribute to the Sacred Heart.

Job Offer

After my job search, I received an offer on February 8, 2019, and started my new job on February 25, 2019. The success of my job search is really attributable to the Sacred Heart Enthronement. I had heard of people being out of work seven months, eight months. I was offered a job when my severance ran out. Amazing.

God prepared me for the interview for the job He wanted for me. I was ready when my ultimate job was presented to me. Looking back, the interviews I had for other jobs were practicing for the interview of my ultimate job. I had a few interviews with Skype. It is a totally different process than I had ever done and a different type of connection talking to a person through the computer. For my ultimate job, I went to the office, thinking it was going to be an in-person interview. As it turned out, a person in the office and I had a Skype interview with two people out of state. How funny!

During the interview, it felt as though I had the job already. It seemed sometimes God does all the work and all you have to do is show up. As a result, the company hired me in the middle of February.

The New Ideal Job

My new job is such a perfect fit for me, only God could do such a thing. Firstly, it is a company I never heard of, doing work I never imagined. Secondly, I am a long-time IT professional, and they are a technology company in the health field, an industry where I have a background. Thirdly, my supervisors believe in me, and I feel no restrictions in my work. It is even less than 5 miles from my house. Mainly, the job is such a great match for me at so many levels.

The Ultimate Strategy

In conclusion, I encourage everyone who is out of work or looking for their ideal job to start with an Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. Jesus is ready and anxious to help and only needs for you to invite Him into your life, for you to ask for His assistance, and for you to let Him lead.

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