FLAMES • Jesus’ burning love for us is brighter than the sun.

CROSS • It was a part of His heart from the beginning and shows Jesus’ desire to die for us in order to bring us to His father.

CROWN OF THORNS • Our sins hurt His heart even more than they hurt His head.

PIERCED HEART • His whole body, including His blood and water, flows out to us to wash us clean and nourish us. This wound was made by the lance of Longinus and signifies that He is hurt by sin, especially mortal sin. 

St. Margaret Mary tells us, “He wishes to make this Sacred Heart as it were a second Mediator between God and man.” Many blessings and graces pour forth from His loving and most Sacred Heart.” She goes on and tells us, “The cross signifies that from the very first moment of His Incarnation, that is to say, when His Heart was formed, the cross was planted in it, and from that moment on, it was filled with all the bitterness caused by the humiliations, poverty, sorrows, and contempt which His Sacred Humanity had to suffer during the course of His life and in His Passion.”

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13