“I will establish peace in their home.”

“Establish your dwelling in the amiable Heart of Jesus, and you will find unalterable peace, strength to carry out your good desires, and protection against voluntary faults.”

– St. Margaret Mary

Peace is the greatest gift we can seek for our hearts and our homes. Jesus tells us, “Peace I leave you, My peace I give you” (Jn 14:27). In the Catechism, we read that “Peace is the tranquility of order. Peace is the work of justice and the effect of charity.” (CCC 2304). Jeus is called “The King of Peace”, for He brings peace to humanity’s restless hearts. Without Christ, we are unable to obtain the spiritual peace the Lord is offering us. 

St. Margaret challenges us to “establish your dwelling in the amiable Heart of Jesus.” After we establish this dwelling in the Heart of Jesus, we will discover the fruits of peace, strength, and protection. Jesus offers us His Heart as our place of dwelling. He is offering us a safe haven for us to rest and place our trust in His ways. He is inviting us to go deeper into a love-relationship with Him. This relationship grows when we spend time with Jesus in prayer, reflection, and worship. 

If we rest in His Heart, He will also renew our strength and give us the grace to accomplish the most significant tasks at hand. First to be at peace and then to make peace with others. Peace can not come unless there is forgiveness and reconciliation. We must be willing to purify our hearts of sin and the bondage that prevents us from growing. When we clear out our own heart of the baggage of sin, there is room for us to pursue the will of God.   

Let us close with this short reflection written by Fr. Mateo:

Happiness is not wealth.

Happiness is not youth.

Happiness is not a brilliant position or title.

Happiness is not pleasure.

Happiness is not the absence of the cross.

Hell starts where Jesus Christ is absent; Heaven starts in a home filled with His delightful presence.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Prince of Peace, abide in Thy home.

Invite Him to your home, then lovingly. Receive Him royally. Enthrone Him as your adorable King and faithful Friend.

Jesus wants us to live with His Heart!