We learn this in Matthew 8:23: “Suddenly a violent storm came upon the sea so that the boat was being swamped by waves; but he was asleep … ‘Lord, save us we are perishing!’… He said to them, ‘Why are you terrified, O you of little faith.’”

How many of us have cried this same prayer to the Lord at some point in our lives? We need Christ to renew and restore our lives every day and learn how to trust Him even in the midst of the storms that pop up in our life or the life of our Church. In times of trouble, we need more of Jesus, and it is essential that we train our eyes to turn to Christ, no matter how big or small the item that causes us stress and anxiety might be. 

When we welcome Christ into our homes, no matter what trials and tribulations we are experiencing, it is not only the solution to life’s problems but the hope for a better future! One excellent way to welcome Christ is by Enthroning the Sacred Heart as King, Brother, and Friend in your home to help your family members navigate their lives. If we do not choose to welcome Christ, these difficult times will create fear, anxiety and can even lead to a loss of faith. Jesus is the solution when we are experiencing pain and troubles, as is demonstrated by the promise to “console us in our troubles.” That He gives to those who live out devotion to the Sacred Heart.

Christ’s desire is to be welcomed in all of our homes, and He wants to pour out immense graces upon not only our family but upon the world. Fr. Francis Larkin once wrote, “Look at this Heart enthroned in your home and which loves this family so much.” When Christ is welcomed in a home, He no longer sits at the door and knocks like in Rev. 3:20, but instead, Christ is welcome to be fully present and give you the strength you need. 

The Link Between The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Adoration

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Devotion is closely linked with Adoration of the Eucharist. As we go to a Catholic church to visit our Lord fully present in the Blessed Sacrament, we have an opportunity to go before our very image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus right in our own home and recall the love our Lord has for us and receive strength in our daily journey. Jesus shared with St. Margaret Mary, ”I will bless the homes in which the Image of My Sacred Heart shall be exposed and honored.” This young sister, who received apparitions between 1673-1675, shares Christ’s messages and reveals a list of promises to those who venerate His Heart. Jesus does not only want to help us, but He desires to bless us and transform our homes into being a holy place for our Lord to dwell.  Click here for that list.

Especially in this busy world, we need to carve out a place of prayer in our home where we can go and be renewed and refreshed, much like we would at a local Adoration chapel or in the Church. Recently, a woman shared with me that the image of the Sacred Heart hung in her house for years, but it was not until the picture was “Enthroned” and the family began to learn how to honor the Lord, that she witnessed real spiritual growth by the family. Families need to reconnect through prayer not only in a church but in their very own homes. Families need to reconnect through prayer in church and in their very own homes.

For many of us, there are times in our life when making it to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is challenging, so discovering Night Adoration in the Home might be a link to helping you carve out more prayer time and strengthen your relationship with Christ and seek to do acts of reparation for others. Recently, I have spoken to new moms, working family members, and even an elderly man who all agreed that practicing Night Adoration in the home would be a great way to help them better connect with the Heart of Christ since it was difficult for them to make it to Adoration on a regular basis. Night Adoration is also an excellent solution to times when you can’t sleep and can go before your image of the Sacred Heart to pray! 

Honoring our Lord is not possible without prayer. Our Lord longs for his disciples to pray with Him for the hour before the crucifixion. Christ knew the disciples were weak and their faith in Him would be tested. “Could you not then watch one hour with me?” Matthew 26:40. This concept is the basis for Eucharist Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and Night Adoration in the Home is a direct fruit of this same love. Many of us find it difficult to visit our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, especially at night, but we can always go before the Image of the Sacred Heart and offer prayers of reparation and love.

We live in a culture where the internet does not turn off and media fills our homes 24 hours a day, and yet when does our Lord receive an opportunity to speak to our heart? As mothers and fathers, it is often in the wee hours of the night that we hear the faint sound of our Lord calling us to action and prayer and providing us insights. Could it be because finally the noise of society is turned off and we can hear God? Consider going before your image of the Sacred Heart and begin offering up your prayers! 

The Sacred Heart of Jesus wants to be invited in and honored in love in your very own home. Consider allowing this devotion to transform your life and the culture of your very family. Jesus is there for us without fail and wants to be the living, breathing heart of your family. He is the hope of the family; He is the hope of the human family!

This article was originally published at www.catholicmom.com.

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