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We love to hear from our families that have Enthroned their homes, schools, and offices. Please contact us if you’d like to share your story too!

“Having the Sacred Heart enthroned in our school since 2016 has been a very powerful reminder of Jesus’ forever presence throughout our campus. The Sacred Heart pictures, images, and statues throughout our building – in all classrooms, offices, locker rooms and even in our elevators – continues to remind all who enter our school about the greatest gift of Christ’s very body, blood, soul and divinity present in our Chapel where we have daily access to adore, pray and honor. The Sacred Heart enthronement has made a tremendous difference in all we do to enhance the Catholic Church’s educational mission and apostolate. We know that Christ, as He promised, is always with us until the end of time.” – Deacon Frank Iannarion, Director of the Office of the Diaconate, Columbus, OH

The Sacred Heart Enthronement ceremony changed our lives, enriched our Love for Jesus, deepened our faith, brought joy & peace to our home…. I recommend it to almost everyone I meet! – Lisa

We have our beautiful Sacred and Immaculate Heart images on the wall near our kitchen table. On this wall we also have pictures of our extended family, godchildren and close friends. At dinner our children take turns saying the prayer of Consecration of the Family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. (Counter productive in that they sometimes argue over whose turn it is, but they do calm and pray together!) We found by making the prayer easily accessible we have been more likely to pray it and it often opens the discussion of the people on our wall and in our lives that need prayer. – Emily, wife and mother of a lively 5, Columbus, OH

Our home enthronement was timed perfectly with an upheaval in our family life that could have hurt our family but instead it united us. At the time we were going through a move of our business which was causing a lot of stress and anxiety on our home because of all of the uncertainties, stress, financial burden and sleepless nights. The process of our weeklong prayer of enthronement granted us the only time on the day to become grounded and pray together. The fruits of this time together and the blessings after enabled our family to focus on what was most important… Our growth and importance of Our faith, love of Jesus and Mary and how much we need them to move on to the next chapter of our lives with them as the center of everything we do. Since then our family has weathered many storms, grown stronger in our relationships with each other and most importantly God. Had we not enthroned when we did and had that time together, honestly I am not sure what shape we would be in today. The fruits of our enthronement run so deep and are everlasting and the peace out have our home is priceless. – PEACE: Peigi, Eric, Angela, Clayton, Ellie

The crazy and dark world is a hard place to keep our hope, peace, and the love of humanity…. With that being said, the Most Sacred Heart is a beautiful reminder of the boundless mercy and love God has for us. Even with all of our brokenness. It is a gift from Jesus to know that my home has been consecrated to the Sacred Heart! I love having the pictures displayed in my kitchen. I never know who might be converted from seeing the images of Jesus and Mary.

Keep up the good work. Something great is going on in Columbus – I can feel it! Blessings – Michele

The #1 reason I support the work of SHEN is… Marriage, family, and fatherhood are under tremendous assault from the world, the flesh and the devil. Christian homes need their marriages and families centered on Jesus and His Sacred Heart to withstand this assault and pass on the faith.

Why People Give to the Sacred Heart Enthronement Network: Because God wishes to be with us in our homes. – Bill

The week we had our Home Enthroned was a grace-filled and extraordinary week. The Mulligan Family led us in our enthronement. My older sister and Brother in Law have been friends with the Mulligans since grade school and having them in our home for the Enthronement with their beautiful family made this even more powerful for me and my family.

Since we have enthroned our home to The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we have failed to follow through with the recitation of the family rosary. We are not proud of that. We have the intention to rekindle this beautiful and grace-filled devotion which only enhances the Enthronement. We may say it as individuals but not as a family. We may have failed in that regard, however, we have flourished in other ways. First and foremost we are PROUD to have the images of Jesus and Mary present in our entryway. It is the first thing folks see when our door opens. These images have become a form of evangelization to the most unlikely people……Pella Windows Rep, Handymen, Atheist Neighbors, lukewarm friends. Folks say, “Oh you must be Catholic,” “Wow”, or “my grandparents used to have images like that in their home…..” Wonderful discussion follows and seeds are planted, which never would have happened without those images “speaking for themselves!”

I love our Catholic Faith, our devotions and the art that compliments it. Yes, we have failed in many ways in the Home Enthronement follow through, however, we KNOW Christ is the King of our home and we invoke him daily in our prayers; dinner and bedtime. We look forward to renewing our enthronement as we know God’s graces are abundant and He is waiting for us to open the floodgates to His love! – Jody

We support this ministry because we believe the presence of Jesus Christ and His Sacred Heart in our home helps us to live our lives better. Honoring and exposing the image of the Sacred Heart is a constant reminder that the love of Jesus is the answer to all of our trials in today’s world. We pray that this ministry can help spread this message so that every home can Welcome the Heart of Jesus into the messiness of life and many blessings will follow. – Jennifer

Looking back over the many years since we first enthroned our home in the 1980’s we can see the hand of the Sacred Heart and the many promises He has fulfilled in our lives and the lives of our family.

There is a peace that reigns even in the midst of the many storms we have encountered. We have trusted and continue to trust in His presence and that eventually the calm will reign.

We can witness to a growing tenderness in our hearts, and an ever growing desire to know and love Jesus through His precious Heart.

The little step we took, was really a giant leap. We could not have known what “God had ready for us” as we strive to love Him more. I think it might have been the single most important decision we ever made for ourselves and our family! I just wish we had done it even earlier in our lives. – Jo Ann

Here are our family’s images of the two precious hearts of Jesus and our Blessed Mother. We have them located into areas of our home; one when you first walk in and then at the top of our stairs to see as we start our day and end our day on our way to our bedrooms. Also here is the prayer that we try to say before our evening meal that I wanted to share with you.

Sacred Heart of Jesus we renew our pledge of love and loyalty to you.
Keep us always close to your loving heart
and to your most pure heart of your Mother.
Keep our family united.
May we love one another more and more each day,
forgiving each other’s faults as you forgive our sins.
Teach us how to see you in those we meet outside our home.
Please keep our love for you always
Strong by frequent mass in communion.
Thank you dear Jesus, King and friend of our family,
for all the blessings of today protect us
during this night and help us all get to heaven.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom Come
Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for a family
St Joseph Foster father of Jesus, pray for us
Our patron saints and guardian angels pray for us. Amen!

We enthroned our business to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in May of 2014. Shortly after that time some problems that had been hidden for a long while were exposed. These were significant problems that had an affect on everyone who worked for the business. The problems were also robbing the company of peace among the employees and our ability to work together effectively as a company.

Because these issues came to light, as the owner I could deal with them directly bringing about some resolutions. My wife and I believe this was due to the watchful protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus over our company. He gave me the tools to ” right the ship” and get us back on course.

About 3 years later my wife and I prayed and discerned whether or not it was time for me to close the company and retire. This was a difficult decision to make and one that I was reluctant about but nonetheless it was decided that I would retire the next year. Approximately one month before my set retirement date I began to experience some unexpected health problems. Because of my health issues I found myself making several trips to the hospital emergency room followed by many doctor visits. I would never have been able to successfully run my business and manage my employees during this prolonged time of illness. I give all of the credit to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and his watchful guidance in making the decision when to retire. His timing was perfect!

In the 9th promise given to St. Margaret Mary our Lord promises, ” I will bless the homes ( and businesses) in which the image of my most Sacred Heart shall be exposed and honored”. I can tell you from my own personal experience, God has blessed both my family ( also enthroned to the Sacred Heart) and my business. He really does keep His promises! – Dick

The enthronement team of the Sacred Heart came to our home. They were very gracious and kind. The pictures they left were beautiful and we love having them in our living room. This has been so meaningful to us and we thank all of you for this mission. God bless you. – Kelly

We support this ministry because it truly is “The Heart” of all ministries! The most ‘Sacred Heart of Jesus” contains all love, truth, power, and mercy. Everything good comes from His Heart, pierced for us.

By promoting and spreading this devotion, all else is renewed, strengthened,
healed, and enlightened in His love and joy. It is a privilege and great pleasure to be called to this work. All others, spring from His
Heart! – Donor

One unexpected update from our own Enthronement: one of our children was a little reluctant to participate in the Enthronement, mostly because he wasn’t exactly sure what it entailed and was hesitant about “the promises”. He has become more secular in his daily life, though he was brought up with a traditional faith life…he had simply wandered away to the point to be afraid to believe in God as he struggles in other areas in his life. Since the enthronement, this child began praying the Rosary, on his own again. He also left for college and requested to take the Enthronement with him! We will be doing an enthronement at our son’s home at their request! Thank you for bringing this gift of the Sacred Heart to our family. The promises are a true blessing to each of us. – Jan

After years of struggling with secondary infertility and three miscarriages, we (wife, daughter, me) enthroned our home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in January 2014 to ask for a blessing of an addition to our family. After attending First Friday Mass for eight months, we learned of a young woman who was looking to place her child in an adoption arrangement. My wife and I never felt called to adopt, but we agreed to consider this particular private adoption.

We soon learned that the baby’s due date was the Feast Day of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Disciple of the Sacred Heart. We also learned that the birth mother, who was raised Catholic, had an image of the Sacred Heart hanging prominently in her home.

After our ninth First Friday Mass, the adoption was agreed to by the birth mother and my family. The birth mother and my family independently chose the same name for the child. The name was derived from the Sacred Heart.

We are happy to welcome this new life into our home, as the adoption has been made official. We know this was an answered prayer thanks to the Enthronement to the Sacred Heart. – George

My name is Ghidaa Kassab and my husband is Gus. We have seven children together: Giavana, Gino, Genaveive, Gevino, Gevelle, Salea, and Salvador.

The Men of the Sacred Hearts (www.menofthesacredhearts.org) takes a 3ft tall statue of Our Lady of Fatima to homes who request the visit to help the family Enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus in their home as Jesus asked us to do in His appearance to St. Margaret Mary in 1673.

One of the men (Greg) called me in early 2018 to make an appointment to visit our family. I had not requested this and I knew of no one in our large family who had asked for this appointment. I thought Greg was some kind of scam artist, and was going to call the police and report him, but I checked out the organization’s webpage first and found that they were in fact real and have been doing this service for over 50 years in S.E. Michigan.

So we agreed to an appointment, and that’s when the miracle of Our Lady of Fatima happened.

Our Lady of Fatima and the Sacred Heart of Jesus has blessed our home in ways unimaginable. Our youngest, Salvador, is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Due to his condition, he cannot go about daily life without the assistance of others. For example, he has communication problems being that he is nonverbal with minimal output. Since November, Salvador has been suffering from severe seizures that have sent him to the emergency room and almost took his life multiple times.

As his seizures worsened and became more persistent, our family became helpless in searching for therapies, medications, and procedures that could heal him. We prayed to God and Our Lady of Fatima and the Sacred Heart of Jesus to grant our plea: to heal Salvador.

It wasn’t until Our Lady of Fatima and the Sacred Heart of Jesus was brought into our home, which completely transformed our homes dynamics, that we realized that our prayers weren’t only heard, but were also answered. Since Our Lady of Fatima and the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ arrival into our home, Salvador has been seizure free and slowly but surely improving every single day. This is nothing short of a miracle.

Additionally, Salvador requests that his daily in-home therapy be held in the presence of Our Lady of Fatima and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He will no longer work in any other room in the house. Referencing back to Salvador’s condition, he also has sensory issues with wearing things like hats, necklaces, bracelets, and so on. Despite his sensory issues, Salvador places the Holy Rosary around his own neck each night we pray together as a family. Salvador also has a difficult time sitting still problem but when he is praying in Our Lady of Fatima and the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ room, he is completely and entirely normal. He has become incredibly calm since the arrival. If our family forgets to pray for the night, Salvador makes sure to remind us to all gather into the room and pray, and even hands everyone their own Holy Rosary.

Ultimately, our home has been blessed in ways that could only be the work of our Lady of Fatima and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our family has been brought closer together as a unit and our Catholic faith has grown tremendously stronger.

We thank the Men of the Sacred Hearts for the blessings you’ve brought to our family, and pray that Our Lady of Fatima and the Sacred Heart of Jesus continue to create miracles for individuals and families everywhere. – Ghidaa

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Examples of home enthronements with the family’s permission.

Enthronement Example 1
Enthronement Example 2
Enthronement Example 3
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