Here are some guidelines to welcome the Sacred Heart into your home during this time of sickness and uncertainty. 

  1. You don’t need to have friends and family come over for the Enthronement ceremony. This is encouraged as a way to celebrate this special event. You could instead mark your calendar and host a celebration the following year.
  2. Consider doing the Enthronement to the Sacred Heart on a Sunday as a way to mark the Lord’s day. Since many churches are either closed, or considering closing, this would be a great way to honor the Lord on Sunday. 
  3. This is not a sacrament, this is devotion. You do not need to include a Catholic priest or deacon. We recommend you do the Enthronement and get your image blessed at a future time. This will help reduce the load on our priests.

Enthronement is your decision to welcome Jesus. Let us seek to expose and honor His holy heart! 

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Let us pray this prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for protection against COVID-19

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