Looking for inspiration on how to renew and restore an entire society, turn your heart and mind to St. Benedict of Nursia? This humble saint is said to have help plant Christian seeds throughout Europe during the dark ages and preserve the best of Roman culture and is called the Father of Western monasticism. He lived from 480-547.

One powerful way to seek new graces is to wear the St. Benedict Medal in honor of this Holy Saint. It is said, ” Whoever wears this medal with devotion, trusting to the life-giving power of the Holy Cross and the merits of the Holy Father St. Benedict, may experience protection in his spiritual and temporal needs.”

This sacramental was officially recommended to the faithful by Pope Benedict XIV in 1742. This medal must be blessed by a Benedictine Father or by a priest before it is worn to lead towards this protection.

The medal is a bit complex with symbols and letters. Going around the medal begins with the letters VRSNSMV-SMQLIVB they stand for in English- Begon, “Satan! Suggest not vain things to me. Evil is the cup thou offerest; Drink thou thine own poison.”

The Reverse of the Medal has an image of St. Benedict holding in his right hand the Cross, and the left hand the holy Rule of St. Benedict- around the margins are the worlds- “May his presence protect us in the hour of our death.”

The medal is a powerful means to:

  • Destroy witchcraft and diabolical influences
  • To keep away spells and magicians
  • To impart protection to persons (tempted, deluded, or tormented by evil spirits)
  • To obtain the conversion of sinners
  • To serve as an armor of temptation against holy purity
  • To destroy the effects of poison
  • To secure a timely and healthy birth for children
  • To serve as an efficacious remedy for bodily afflictions as a means of protection against contagious diseases.

Camila de María from. www.Cathopic.com