These Six quotes strengthen our faith and remind us that this devotion is timeless and supported in the eyes of the Church. 

We can place our trust in the Sacred Heart with our daily needs, struggles, and desires. We can turn to this all-merciful heart for strength, comfort, and love. The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is the solution to our brokenness and that of the world. When we enthrone the Sacred Heart in our home, we are able to allow what once was annoying and stressful to transform us. The closer we are to Jesus, the more we will grow in holiness. Jesus invites us to promote the Kingdom of Love through this most adorable and loving Heart. 

These six quotes are from Popes who had a personal devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and promoted this devotion world-wide. St. John Paul II’s favorite invocation from the Litany of the Sacred Heart reminds us of our greatest desire, “Heart of Jesus, fountain of life and holiness.” May we seek out this merciful Heart and come to appreciate this true path to holiness. 

  1.  “Father Mateo, not only do I permit you, but I command you to give your life for this work of social salvation to spread the devotion Enthronement of the Sacred Heart throughout the world.”  -Pope Pius X, 1907
  1.  “You do well, beloved Father Mateo, to take up the cause of human society, by first stirring up and spreading the Christian spirit in Families and Homes, and by establishing in the center of our families the love of Jesus Christ to reign and rule therein.” -Pope Benedict XV, 1916.
  1. Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart is the extraordinary remedy for the extraordinary needs of our time.” -Pope Pius XI, 1928
  1. It is altogether impossible to enumerate the heavenly gifts which devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus has poured out on the souls of the faithful, purifying them, offering them heavenly strength, rousing them to the attainment of all virtues.” – Pope Pius XII, 1956.
  1. “In the Sacred Heart, every treasure of wisdom and knowledge is hidden. The Heart of the Lord Jesus is the starting-point of the holiness of each one of us. From the Heart of the Lord Jesus let us learn the love of God and understanding of the mystery of sin. Let us make acts of reparation to the Divine Heart for the sins committed by us and by our fellow men. Let us make reparation for rejecting God’s goodness and love. Let us draw close each day to this fount from which flow springs of living water. Let us cry out with the Samaritan woman “Give us this water”, for it wells up to eternal life.” -Saint Pope John Paul II, 1984
  1.  “Do not be afraid to present to him (Jesus) all the intentions of our suffering humanity, its fears, its miseries. May this Heart, full of love for men, give everyone hope and trust.”…I invite you to discover the riches that are hidden in the Heart of Jesus.” – Pope Francis, June 17, 2020

Popes, religious and laypeople can all share in this enriching devotion to strengthening us during difficult times.

To learn more about the Sacred Heart of Jesus watch our videos on our youtube channel or visit our website. Welcome His Heart.

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