Ave Crux! Spes Unica Nostra!

As Catholics, we get so used to our many different images of Jesus that at times we forget every image of the Lord is supposed to draw us back to His love. It is natural for us to have a favorite image, depiction, or even title of the Lord, in some way this reveals how He speaks to each of us, all of us, to every one of us.

During the month of September, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross (September 14th). This Feast reminds us of the finding of the true cross in Jerusalem by Empress Helena. The Cross is a powerful statement of the extent of God’s love for us, for each of us, for all of us. The Heart of Jesus and the Cross upon which He died are both statements and images of His love. While hanging on the Cross His Heart was pierced by a lance. Lifted high above humanity on a cross His Heart was Pierced.

In the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus we are each called to have in our homes it is a cross which is atop the Heart, reminding us that the cross is His throne, our hearts are His home.

It is, therefore, an incredible blessing, a powerful reminder, for us to see a Cross high atop a Church steeple, perched above all else that is around it. The Cross stands out to us as a throne that belongs to one who was rejected by this world, when we see the Cross we are invited to cry out in our hearts “Hail oh Cross! Our Only Hope!” His throne, the Cross, is a source of hope for us.

Considering His great love for us, I invite you to consider the many different ways and means by which you can enter into His love and allow His love to enter into your life. If you want to learn more about Christ’s love for you, a love rooted in His Sacred Heart I invite you to save the date of the upcoming Congress of the Sacred Heart to be held on Saturday, November 16th in Columbus, Ohio at St Michael Church.

If you want a Home in His Heart, bring His Heart into your Home.
In Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Stash Dailey