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Praise be Jesus Christ,

On behalf of this ministry, I want to thank you for expressing a desire to learn more about the Sacred Heart by visiting this website. In the mystery of God and His loving Providence, there is no such thing as a coincidence; in His loving mercy there is a reason for the time and place in which things unfold.

True wisdom is Jesus Christ…make His Heart the center of your school. The Lord, in His mercy and love, seeks to liberate each one of us from chains that bind us in our day-to-day lives and indeed it is only the Lord who can truly liberate us from whatever keeps us down in this life. Indeed enthroning one’s home, business, organization, school or parish to the Sacred Heart, a public statement has been made that Jesus Christ is loved, adored, and honored in that place.

In the unfolding of the devotion to the Sacred Heart over the course of two thousand years, Jesus has given us many insights into the power of His heart. In the 1600’s He appeared to St. Margaret Mary in France and revealed to her what has come to be known as the Twelve Promises to those who grow close to His heart. These promises are made to all of humanity, and while they do not all pertain to any one person, every person can find in these promises a reason to draw close to the heart of Christ, the source of life and love.

In the following video, you will learn briefly about how the Sacred Heart devotion can strengthen a school, parish or workplace. 

– Fr. Stash Dailey, Spiritual Director of the Ministry , Pastor of Holy Family Parish, OH




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