School Enthronement

The purpose of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is to focus our hearts on receiving the love of Christ and returning His love with gratitude. May He be glorified with all of our heart, soul, and strength.

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School Enthronement Prep

  • Gain Principal Approval – We recommend that a representative meets with the principal or administrative staff member about the Sacred Heart Enthronement to explain that the enthronement is an opportunity to help the school community grow in our relationship with Christ and His heart.
  • Choose a Leader – Consult with the pastor or assisting priest to choose a leader for the enthronement.
  • Customize – During the prayer step below, feel free to pray the Sacred Heart prayer for a few weeks leading up to the enthronement, or consider praying the Nine-Day Novena to the Sacred Heart as well.
  • Evangelize – Print out and distribute a flyer for students and staff to take home after the school enthronement that will encourage them to enthrone the Sacred Heart in their homes.

School Enthronement in 5 Easy Steps

Sacred Heart of Jesus Framed

CHOOSE A DATE for the enthronement ceremony.

SELECT A SACRED HEART IMAGE and invite your priest to bless the image.

ESTABLISH A PROMINENT PLACE in the school where you will display the image. Consider placing additional images in classrooms.

PRAY WITH THE STUDENTS three times prior to the enthronement. Pray the Sacred Heart Prayer and explain to the students the importance of how Jesus loves them.

ENTHRONEMENT Gather together and place Jesus on the throne of authority in your school.

School Enthronement Materials

Are you ready to welcome the Sacred Heart of Jesus into your school? Please select the package that best fits your needs and place your order.

If you need further assistance on the items to order for your school or would like to inquire about purchasing framed Sacred Heart images, please fill out the form below and a representative from the Sacred Heart Enthronement Network will reach out to you promptly.

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Printable Materials for School Enthronement

  • Classroom Enthronement PDF – Print one for each classroom to encourage teachers to honor the Sacred Heart along with students in their classrooms.
  • Student Reference PDF – Print one for each student to follow along during the enthronement ceremony.
  • Sacred Heart Bookmarks – Courtesy of St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Catholic School Long Prairie, MN

School enthronement is important to your students and staff.

WATCH NOW – Learn how the Sacred Heart Enthronement can strengthen your school in this video.

“The Sacred Heart provides the treasures of God’s infinite love for everyone, everywhere – at home, in schools and at our places of work.”

Bishop Robert Brennan

Diocese of Columbus

“The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has truly inspired the community – students, staff, and families – to live a life of holiness. The images of the Sacred Heart, adorned in each of the classrooms, provide a constant reminder of Jesus’ life within us. It calls us to be close to him, to “walk with him,” and to follow him in our daily work and play. While the image of the Sacred Heart may stir up different thoughts, feelings and emotions within each person, all are reminded that Jesus is with us…in ALL places and at ALL times. The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has been a true gift…in our school and in our homes.”

St. Andrew Catholic School

Columbus, OH

“As the secular culture becomes more and more hostile to the Catholic Faith, our schools need the guidance and protection of the loving heart of Jesus more than ever. Having worked in both public and parochial schools over the past 23 years, I honestly believe that Enthroning your school to the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be the most important and effective event you do the entire school year.

There are many voices and influences pounding on the doors of our schools. Some of these are good and some can be harmful, divisive, and antagonistic to the Catholic faith. Anxiety, depression, families in crisis, safety and security concerns, curriculum decisions, discipline issues, even fundraising can all be placed into the loving heart of Jesus. When we entrust the schools to the Sacred Heart the students, faculty, staff, and families, will have the divine assistance to carry out their responsibilities to the best of their ability peacefully and joyfully.”

Gina Hinterschied

Sacred Heart Missionary

“Having the Sacred Heart enthroned in our school since 2016 has been a very powerful reminder of Jesus’ forever presence throughout our campus. The Sacred Heart pictures, images, and statues throughout our building – in all classrooms, offices, locker rooms and even in our elevators – continues to remind all who enter our school about the greatest gift of Christ’s very body, blood, soul and divinity present in our Chapel where we have daily access to adore, pray and honor. The Sacred Heart enthronement has made a tremendous difference in all we do to enhance the Catholic Church’s educational mission and apostolate. We know that Christ, as He promised, is always with us until the end of time.”

Deacon Frank Iannarion

Director of the Office of the Diaconate, Columbus, OH

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