A monthly radio program that includes: prayer, formation and great conversation all focused on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

For the past three years, a monthly Friday program is broadcast from St. Gabriel Radio station on a topic that can never be exhausted: The Sacred Hear of Jesus.  The program is called the Sacred Heart Hour. It is a great way to deepen your understanding of devotion and enthronement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and learn what it means to live out this devotion in ordinary life.

Fr. Stash Dailey, and Chuck and JoAnn Wilson, the founders of Sacred Heart Columbus, co-host this program as a means of outreach to the greater community. The Sacred Heart Hour Radio Show is aired on St. Gabriel Radio AM 820 every First Friday of each month from 8:00 – 9:00 am. Click Here (https://stgabrielradio.com/programs/audio-archive-2/sacred-heart-hour/) to listen to previously recorded episodes. The purpose of the show is to discuss why families, individuals, businesses, parishes, and schools today need to Enthrone an Image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The feedback from the program has been wonderful over the last three years. Chuck Wilson shared, “The feedback has been really good. Each month we hear from people who are interested in learning more on Enthronement to the Sacred Heart. We see momentum increasing at our yearly gathering called the Sacred Heart Congress. Attendance has increased by over 30% each year (this year’s Congress will be on November 14, 2020). More importantly, we are hearing from our listeners that this program is relatable, at times funny, and helpful for living out their Catholic faith.”

Each episode includes how the Enthronement is done, personal testimonies, the importance of the First Friday devotion, and how to honor and renew your Enthronement to the Sacred Heart. The program also encourages listeners to call in during the show and ask any questions or share their experiences. 

Special thanks to the staff at St. Gabriel Catholic Radio, and Dave Orsborn the Studio Manager, for their technical support of this program.

Click here to listen to previous monthly episodes or visit www.stgabrielradio.com

The Sacred Heart Hour Monthly Radio Program- Hosted by Fr. Stash Dailey, Chuck and JoAnn Wilson and Dave Orsborn is the Studio Manger.