9th Annual Sacred Heart Congress

The depths of God’s love, knows no end! We could spend every moment delving into the depths of God’s love and we will still never find the limits of His love. While the primary task of the Sacred Heart Enthronement Network is to promote this devotion to the Sacred Heart through assisting with enthronement materials, we also seek to assit the faithful in deepening their knowledge of the Lord and His Sacred Heart through catechesis.

Each year we organize a Sacred Heart Congress to help the faithful. This year, we met on November 14th, 2020 at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Westerville, OH. The event included:


  • Mass with Bishop Robert Brennan
  • Bill Messerly – Emcee
  • Fr. Jonathan Wilson – Speaker
  • Testimony
  • Emily Jaminet – Claiming the Twelve Promises in your Life
  • Fr. Stash Dailey – Leading us in Adoration and Benediction
Bishop Brennan at the 2019 Sacred Heart Congress
2019 Sacred Heart Congress