My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, He who lives!

Praised be Jesus Christ!

As we enter into the coming days and weeks our hearts ache and yearn for the Eucharistic Lord. 

In times past the faithful have endured such moments by creative ways of giving the world a ray of hope, a light in the darkness.

Surely the first step for all of us is to turn towards the Heart of Jesus. May His Heart be our refuge and source of strength.

I offer you a simple suggestion and extend an invitation to participate in a gesture of hope.

Please consider placing a light in your window at night. You know the kind, the ones we see at Christmas time!

That tradition started in the homes of the faithful who were deprived of the Holy Mass because of persecution. They

would place a light in the window and would wait for a priest to visit. The traveling priests would know the homes of the

faithful by the candle, the light, in the window. We live in a moment and time of precaution. The Holy Mass is still offered, the Light of the world is still present among us.

Our hunger for the Lord, our confidence in His Mercy and our trust in His love for us may be offered to the world by a simple light in our windows.

This darkness will not over take us for we believe in the One who Lives!

I offer my Holy Mass in solidarity with each and every one of you! You are not forgotten, you are VERY MUCH LOVED!

We believe in Jesus, He who LIVES! 

Let His light shine in the darkness and may your hope in Him inspire the world.

Our Lady, Health of the Sick, PRAY FOR US!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, HAVE MERCY ON US!

Be a light to the world- put a light in the window (we suggest a battery operated candles)

In Jesus through Mary,

Fr. Stash Dailey