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This Digital Download Package Includes:

Downloadable booklet with all the prayers and preparation instructions you will need for an enthronement ceremony.
Downloadable enthronement certificate.
Downloadable Sacred Heart image.

This self-guided Enthronement of the Sacred Heart packet is perfect if you want to start enthroning your home right away!

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Additional Suggestions During the COVID-19 Pandemic: 

1. Though having friends and family over is usually encouraged as a way to celebrate this special event, consider instead marking your calendar and hosting a celebration the following year.

2. Do the Enthronement to the Sacred Heart on a Sunday as a way to mark the Lord’s Day. Since many churches are either closed or considering closing, this would be a great way to honor the Lord on the Sabbath.

3. Because this is a devotion, not a sacrament, you do not need to include a Catholic priest or deacon. However, we do recommend you have your image blessed at a future time.

Enthronement is your decision to welcome Jesus. Let us seek to expose and honor His holy heart!