Let us pray this prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for protection against the COVID-19

Oh Good Jesus, you are the Most High God, everlasting and always loving you have shown us the way to the Father and sent the Holy Spirit to guide us.

We implore thy Most Sacred Heart to have mercy on us in this time of need. Bless and protect the vulnerable, give hope to all and fill our hearts with confidence in your Divine Mercy. Be our joy in the midst of suffering and our stability in the midst of uncertainty.

Your forgiveness we seek, your love we need, your protection we implore. Forgive our sins and heal our wounds. Strengthen any weakness of faith and make us strong so as to give witness to your glory. Keep far from us any illness, pestilence, or harm. You are our refuge, you are our comfort, you are our hope.

Through the intercession of Our Lady, Health of Christians, we come to your Most Sacred Heart and beseech your protection and blessing.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

This prayer was written by Fr. Stash Dailey as a way to strengthen our faith during this difficult time.