Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Our eyes fixed on Jesus’ Sacred Heart allows the hunger of our souls to be acknowledged and satisfied. The Lord Jesus calls us to Himself so that we may be sustained and formed. Formed into what? He calls us, sustains us and forms us into His Disciples!

The Lord Jesus and the Lord alone is the One who forms the human heart that desires peace, joy, and completion. This simple truth is an important one because in our own age there are many who call themselves disciples but try to change Jesus, they try to shape and form the Lord into their own image rather than opening themselves up to conversion and sanctification as directed by the Lord.

During this month of October the Church as our Mother on earth points us towards a school of humanity, the Holy Rosary. In the Holy Rosary we encounter the Blessed Virgin Mary as a teacher of souls who instructs those who dare to learn. The lesson that is taught in the school of humanity that is the Holy Rosary is Truth, namely Jesus Christ!

During this moment when we are surrounded by conflicting messages and false prophets those who trying to believe are desperate for direction. During this time when the unity of the church is broken by those who claim to be disciples but are actually apostates the Holy Rosary is a sure Path and clear way towards clarity and charity.

In ages past, from recent memory to accounts from years ago, the Holy Rosary has been a great aid in maintaining the integrity of the Church as a family in the face of certain defeat and destruction. Through the Holy Rosary the Church has always been victorious. In our own time the enemy of the Church does not come from outside but rather from within and the Holy Rosary is the surest defense and source of renewal and reform.

Every Christian household must return to the school of humanity and learn the Truth of Jesus Christ. The Truth who is Jesus will free the people of our age from the chains of confusion and the cloudy chaos that engulfs the culture and our society.

In our homes we must return to our knees and enter into the Holy Rosary, in the Rosary is the school where Jesus is embraced and loved, learned and lived. Through our meditation of the Mysteries of the Rosary we draw closer and closer to the Heart of the Savior. The Holy Virgin, Mary, she who is Queen of the Most Holy Rosary is faithful to the Lord Jesus and beholds her children (Jn 19). As disciples of Jesus we are children of Mary.

As we yearn for Union with the Heart of Jesus, during this month of October let us return to the school of humanity, let us return to the Holy Rosary. As we pray and ponder the mysteries of the Rosary the Sacred Heart with strengthen and renew our own hearts. 

In Jesus and Mary,

Fr Stash Dailey