By Fr. Stash Dailey-Pastor of Holy Family Parish, Columbus, OH

In a world where people and movements are often times reduced to symbols or headlines, we as Catholics have a variety of sacramentals that set us apart. 

The Chaplet of the Holy Rosary is one of those items which is uniquely Catholic. Truthfully, the Chaplet of the Rosary, or the Rosary, is thoroughly Christian, but with the sad divisions that have separated the Christian faithful, the Rosary has become a true sign of a Catholic.

During the month of October, we enter into the great gift that is the Holy Rosary. While the practice of reciting each of the psalms in prayer is quite ancient, the popular form of the Rosary was given to the Church by Our Lady herself through her faithful son, St Dominic. The Rosary is divided into different mysteries or chapters if you will, chapters of the life of Jesus. It may be rightly said that if one knows the mysteries of the Rosary then one knows the whole life, all of the chapters of a book about the Lord Jesus.

St Paul VI reminded the Christian Faithful that approaching Jesus through the Rosary is entering into a school of holiness where Jesus is the lesson to be learned and his Mother Mary is the teacher. Every Mystery of the Rosary brings us into the Truth of who Jesus is; every Mystery is an encounter with the Lord. As Jesus reveals Man to Himself, every Mystery or Chapter of the Rosary is an opportunity to learn more about Jesus and come to know who we are as His beloved.

 The Rosary is a perfect means to grow closer to Christ. In every prayer, in every pause of silent reflection, in every Mystery of the Rosary, we encounter the Lord, and in the Lord, we experience His Heart.

This month let us draw close to His Sacred Heart through the Mysteries of the Rosary. May we learn more about He who is Truth by learning from the perfect teacher, His Mother.

If you desire to learn more about the Lord, His Heart, His love for you, and the power of discipleship, join us next month on Saturday, November 16th in Columbus, Ohio for the Congress of the Sacred Heart.

If you desire a Home in His Heart, bring His Heart into your home.

Learn to pray the rosary here.