O most holy Heart of Jesus, fountain of every blessing, I adore You, I love You, and with a lively sorrow for my sins, I offer You this poor heart of mine. Make me humble, patient, pure, and wholly obedient to Your will. Grant, good Jesus, that I may live in You and for You. Protect me in the midst of danger; comfort me in my afflictions. Give me health of body, assistance in my temporal needs, Your blessing on all that I do, and the grace of a holy death. Amen.

The Holy Heart of Jesus Prayer is one of the most popular prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You can find it on prayer cards, websites and written on the hearts of men, women, and children everywhere. It took me a few months of reciting this prayer every morning as I drove my children to school to memorize it.

After eight years of home-schooling, I decided to take a big leap and put them in Catholic school, and the Sacred Heart is where I turned for strength and guidance. At the time I called it my “Catholic School prayer” since we all prayed it together in the car on the way to school. I knew I needed a prayer that would not only protect my children but guide all of us, and this prayer was the perfect one. In just a matter of a few months, we all had it memorized. Jesus’s heart is big enough for all of us and all our intentions!

My parents call The Holy Heart of Jesus prayer “Bud’s Prayer” since my great uncle prayed this prayer every day and believed it was what gave him strength and spiritual comfort. It turns out that this prayer was my great uncle’s last piece of mail he ever had addressed to us. After his funeral, our family took it as a sign that this prayer was worth praying! Bud’s holy life was an example well worth following his footsteps.

The Holy Heart of Jesus Prayer is also prayer of hope. There is a story of a person that was suicidal: The image of Jesus on the other side of the holy card grabbed their attention, and they felt called to pray the prayer and did not take their own life. How often do we need to know that we are loved and cared for!

Call this prayer your prayer!

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Image of the Sacred Heart used by St. Teresa of Calcutta
THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS • St. Teresa of Calcutta used this image in Albania and India.

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