This month of November brings to each of us the profound joy of knowing we are called to be saints.

The Lord Jesus has called us, invited us, beckoned us to be His own. His calling, His invitation, His beckoning is made so that we may know we are called to be holy – to be saints.

Jesus’ Heart is our Goal! As we journey through life, a life that at times seems to be a fruitful garden and at other times a valley of tears, the Heart of Jesus is there before us as a light in the darkness. The rays of light and the warmth of love that shines forth from the Heart of Jesus is our reminder that His Heart is our goal.

First Friday this month coincides with the celebration of All Saints Day. How perfect that these two days merge into one beautiful, life giving celebration. As we give thanks and praise to God for the gift of heaven experienced by the saints, we are also reminded to pray for those who await heaven.

The Sacred Heart is our light and our goal. The charity we gain from His Heart leads us to pray and sacrifice for one another. May we receive Our Lord worthily in Holy Communion, confess our sins with contrition, and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit daily.

Through His Heart may each of us know we have been made for more than what this world offers. We were made for heaven and may we settle for nothing less.

In Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Stash Dailey