We Are All Called to be Saints

The age of sanctity and the time for saints is not a reality limited to the past, it is the reality of the eternal present. As the Lord looks upon creation, He sees everything and everyone in the eternal present. 

In this great month of November, we recall with great gratitude the example of our brothers and sisters who are saints. As we draw close to the countless numbers of our brothers and sisters in heaven, we are filled with excitement, wonder, and awe.

The month begins with the Solemnity of All Saints.  We all have our ‘favorite’ saints. The Solemnity of All Saints is when the Church asks us to celebrate the power of God’s grace and mercy in all of the saints in heaven. It is a Solemnity celebrating the victory of all of those in heaven.

What makes a saint? The desire and striving for Union with God. The Saints all had a deep Union with God. There is in every Saint a profound and truly awesome love for Jesus Christ. 

Our desire needs to be the desire of the saints. The first step towards developing this desire is to draw close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. For the soul who draws close to the Sacred Heart, is the soul who is purified and cleansed by Divine Mercy. In this purification, there is growth in desire and the gradual fulfillment of Union with God.

Heaven is not merely a reality of the future; it is to be grasped and experienced now. The time for laxity is long gone, if we want to go to heaven, we must grasp for it right now. Stop living and loving as if there is a tomorrow for conversion! Jesus offers and extends His heart into our homes and lives right now. If we are motivated to greatness by the saints, the first step towards achieving this goal is making use of what Jesus offers, His Heart.

We have been called to greatness. A greatness that is rooted in meekness and humility, gratitude and holiness. Reach out and accept the offer of Eternal life. Grasp the Heart that is the source of joy and peace. His Heart, His Most Sacred Heart, is our refuge and our path towards Heaven.

There is a Home for you, it is in His Heart!

In Jesus and Mary,
Fr Stash Dailey