I wanted to talk about the new job I received through the Sacred Heart Enthronement because it has been wonderful. It is awe-inspiring to see God’s handiwork. I talked about my job search with the Sacred Heart’s help here: http://bit.ly/SHNewJob

My new job fits me very well. It is a custom-made, hand in glove fit. As I look at my career, I see different aspects and facets of my job. My first position was as an employee benefits consultant specializing in health care. This job is in the health care industry. The company sees itself as an information technology firm. I’ve been working in IT my entire career. The company processes health care data. I like working with data and have a certificate in data science. The company is working on automating their systems. I enjoy innovating and programming. Perfect fit. And, it is 4 miles from my house! Only God could do something like this! I was totally unaware that a job like this even existed.

I started as a contractor, but after two months they told me they wanted to hire me as an employee. One of my friends told me she is seeing many of the people she counsels get contracting positions, but not get hired on as employees. So, that is a great blessing.

As I was in the process of becoming an employee, my former supervisor suggested I interview for a higher level position. It is a true sign of God’s favor to have someone higher in the company looking out for you. She told me she thinks I could go anywhere in the company and be successful.

I have told my current supervisor that I am very interested in innovating. He has told me that I have free reign. I can do what I feel is necessary, talk to the people I want to and he has my back.

In my salary negotiations, I was able to get a $5,000 increase from the amount they initially offered. I now make $10,000 more than I did in my last job.

I share all these things because I am in awe of what happened. I can say “Look, this happened to me” because of the Enthronement. Everyone should do an Enthronement. Everyone has problems they are dealing with. God is waiting to help. You can turn to him thru the Sacred Heart Enthronement. That’s what I did and I couldn’t be happier!