Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Did you know that February is considered the month of light? It doesn’t seem that way at times given the weather, the nature of social unrest, and uncertainty over where the world is heading. 

The Presentation of the Lord also known as Candlemas:

Looking at the Lord Jesus Christ, we see the Light that illuminates and breaks the darkness. On February 2nd we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, popularly called Candlemas. It is at this Mass that candles are blessed and the Lord’s blessings are beseeched upon the candles used in Holy Mass, our homes, and upon the eyes of our soul. The light of the lit candle breaks the darkness of the space where it burns, so too, in a more powerful way, the light of Christ break the darkness of the world.
We who follow Jesus follow the One who is the Light of the world. For those of us who have made His Most Sacred Heart the center of our lives, our homes, our world there is a light that shines forth from His Sacred Heart. The light of Jesus will always let us know the next step we are called to take so as to be faithful to Him. The fire that burns around the Heart of Jesus is a fire of love, a love that Jesus has for us. The Lord Jesus does not want us to dwell in the darkness. He made us for the light, His light. 

In this month of light may our hearts be consoled by the light that has returned to the Temple, when St. Joseph and Our Lady brought the Christ Child to be presented and consecrated. The light that returned to the Temple in Jerusalem can be brought into our homes, should we lift our eyes to the Sacred Heart and welcome Him as King, Brother, and Friend.

With our eyes on the Heart of Jesus we will always know the next step on the journey of life.

In His Peace,

Fr Stash Dailey