From Bethlehem to Calvary there was one who remained ever-present and always faithful to Jesus. That one person was the Mother.

In this month of May we Catholics have a time-honored tradition of acknowledging the presence in the life of Jesus, and in our own lives too, of the Mother who remains with us. This Mother who we call Mary takes us as her children while at the foot of the Cross. She prays for us as we are baptized, when we confess our sins, when we receive Her Son, Our Lord, Jesus who is the Christ in our Holy Communions and when we are Confirmed, Anointed, Married or Ordained. She is the one who remains present to us, with us, and before us as we journey towards union with God.
In this month of May, we honor and give thanks to the one who remains present as only a mother can. We who during this month crown her with flowers, sing hymns in her honor, and even erect a special shrine in our homes to her do so so that the world will know she who is the world’s greatest Mother has not been forgotten by us her children.

The Mother of Jesus is our Mother as well.
Hail Mary! You are Full of Grace!

Fr. Stash Dailey

This month Let us pray for For Catholic Priests: That priests, through the modesty and humility of their lives, commit themselves actively to a solidarity with those who are most poor.

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