My dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

During this Holy Season of Lent and during this Year of St. Joseph we have the blessed joy of entering into the Month of St Joseph, March.

While the Solemnity of St. Joseph is on March 19th in truth the whole month is a blessed time of reflecting upon and honoring the man who is the Guardian of the Redeemer. Seeking to understand more about the holy protector and provider for the Holy Family we come to see how St Joseph is the first to wait for the Sacred Heart. Our Lady received the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Incarnation, which we celebrate on March 25th in the Annunciation, but St Joseph awaited the Sacred Heart as he yearned to hold in his own arms the Infant Jesus whose very Heart is always and everywhere both Sacred and Divine.

In the example of St Joseph, we learn to become more humble, docile, and filled with eagerness. St Joseph knew God was in the flesh while He was in the womb of Mary, he understood the power of the Divine had become present as a baby in the womb. He waited with patience and docility to see God in the flesh as a newborn Infant. Considering St Joseph, we then learn how to direct our attention to the Lord, the Living God, and how to wait for Him to become visible before us.

Should the Sacred Heart be present in our homes, in our lives, we then take the stance of St Joseph as we wait upon the Lord. We welcome Him into our lives ever mindful that the power of the Divine took flesh, indeed even took a heart, and dwells among us.
As Guardian of the Redeemer good St Joseph becomes the Guardian of those who are one with the Redeemer. For those of us who have welcomed the Sacred Heart of Jesus into our homes, we have a worthy protector and intercessor, even it may be rightly said, a holy foster father in St Joseph. If the Redeemer’s Heart is not in our homes, then why?

There are many reasons to wait on bringing the Sacred Heart into our homes, and all of those reasons are bad. There is not a single good reason why a disciple should not Enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus now, today, or at least on the First Friday, or the next Sunday, at some point during this month of March.

Each of us is so incredibly loved by the Father in Heaven; proof of this is in the Truth that He sent His son to take flesh. God in the flesh is Jesus’s Sacred Heart.

May the Heart of Jesus be adored and loved everywhere for all time! In His Peace,

Fr. Stash Dailey