July inevitably brings to mind the celebration of independence and freedom.
With these two great pillars before us, freedom and independence, we must remember the call to be humble before the Lord. 

Our freedom, we must remember, is a profound ability, and opportunity really, to do what we ought to do, not what we want to do. When the human person is truly free, there is always the pursuit of the greater good, God Himself.

Our freedom then, our independence, must be rooted in our pursuit of God. When Jesus reveals His Sacred Heart to us He clearly reveals the one place towards which we must journey, the one person we must pursue.

Without Jesus, there is no freedom, and without an ability to pursue our desire for Union With Jesus’ Heart there is no independence.

Our nation was built upon the freedom of religion and not the freedom from religion. The Most Sacred Heart calls out to every human heart that cries for freedom and independence. It is only the Heart of Jesus which can truly liberate us, save us, and sustain us.

May the Heart of Jesus be our salvation! Fr. Stash Dailey