The Invitation to Gaze on the Christ Child

The invitation: Gazing upon the Infant Jesus in the Crib, each of us who beholds Him is offered an invitation from the Living God. This invitation is to enter into His Heart and thus enter into Reality. As we are in the Christmas season, and now in a new year, we journey with Mary the Mother of God towards the Divine Child.

I invite you to consider leaving your Christmas Crib up until February 2nd, when we celebrate the great Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple. It is imperative for us who believe to withdraw from the schedule of the world and to reclaim the sanctity of time by living with the Lord at the center of life. When the rest of the world has moved well beyond the season of holidays, we continue to live in the season of Holy Days by gazing upon the Christmas scene day in and day out.

The Promises are full of graces for you!

The Lord Jesus made 12 promises to humanity surrounding the reality of bringing His Sacred Heart into their lives, their homes, their souls. The Lord promises to those who have a devotion to His Sacred Heart that He will give all of the graces necessary for their state in life. His promise extends to each and every person who opens their life to His Sacred Heart. There is no new age of one group of the faithful over another, where one category of people will be the great missionaries and others may take a back seat. In every moment, every disciple must announce with joy the liberating truth that Jesus Christ is Lord. While each of us are called to announce the presence of the Lord, we need His grace to remain faithful and to persevere. 

The mountain peaks and deep valleys of the spiritual life are simple to navigate when the graces of God are abundant in the heart.The Lord Jesus has promised His graces to all who draw close to His Sacred Heart.

While gazing upon the Crib, we see in the distance the Cross. In the Holy Eucharist, we find His presence. Because His Sacred Heart is present in all three, we are overwhelmed by His graces and made strong for the journey at hand.