Praised be Jesus Christ!

For the one who knows of the Lord Jesus there exists only one need, to LOVE HIM.
For over two thousand years humanity has had the opportunity to know in person the Lord Jesus Christ. Regardless of the title, we prefer to use: Messiah, Savior, King, Brother, Friend, Christ, or Lord, for each of us the task is the same, to Love the Lord.
Our response to His Love, His Light, and His Presence is to open our minds, hearts, and homes to His Heart. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the most perfect expression of His Light, Love, and Presence. We encounter His Sacred Heart in the Most Holy Eucharist and we are each invited to bring His Heart into our homes and into our lives.

The possibility of having a daily meeting and exchange of love with the Sacred Heart in our very own home has within it an incredible opportunity to change the world by first changing our souls. We must know the Lord. This knowledge gives birth to a beautiful life-changing Love for the Lord. The fruits of this daily exchange with Jesus are Faith, Hope, and Love. We call these the Theological Virtues. Our brother St Paul reminds us that the greatest of these is Love.

If we are in need of Faith, Hope, and Love, now is the time for us to turn toward the Lord. In our knowledge of Him, we begin to exchange our hearts with His, so we may enter into Faith, possess Hope, and be filled with Love.
May His Light enter into the Temple of our Hearts! Our Lady who carries Jesus into the Temple desires to carry the Lord into our hearts and homes, for we are Her children.
Let the Light shine! Open your hearts and homes to the Heart of the Lord, the Heart of Jesus.

Check out this two-minute video on how the Sacred Heart beats out of love for you!

In His Peace,

Fr Stash Dailey