It is natural for one to know that months like May and October are dedicated to Our Lady, partly because of traditions like May Crowning and praying the Rosary and partly because those are the beginning and ending months of Our Lady’s apparitions in Fatima. 

It is not very commonly known that August is considered a Marian Month by the Church. Remember that during the month of August we celebrate the great Solemnity of Our Lady’s Assumption into Heaven, on the 15th to be exact. Then, following the great Solemnity of the Assumption we celebrate for 8 days her entrance into Heaven and close that octave of celebration by then joyfully celebrating her Queenship over Heaven and Earth.

If you desire to learn more about Our Lady and her role in salvation consider reading the book, ‘Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary’ by Brant Petri. It’s a phenomenal read and exploration of the biblical roots of our whole devotion to the Woman who is the Mother of God.

Given the attention, Our Lady receives in this month let us remember that the whole reason she shines so brightly is because of the Heart of Jesus which illuminates her. May Our Lady pray for each one of us to draw as close to the Sacred Heart as she is, now and forever.

Pray the Litany of the Immaculate Heart of Mary