During the days and weeks leading up to the Feast of the Sacred Heart, we are invited to come to appreciate the Heart of Jesus and come to love His Most Sacred Heart. This invitation to love His Heart is not in our imagination, but Jesus shared this great desire he had to St. Margaret Mary back in 1673 when he appeared to her. He shared to her:

“The Sacred Heart of Jesus has such a great desire to be known, loved and honored by men; He wishes so ardently to establish the empire of His love in all hearts by destroying in them the empire of Satan, that He promises great recompense to all those who devote themselves with their whole hearts to establishing the reign of HIs Sacred Heart according to the light and grace which He gave them.”

“Happy are those, whom the Sacred Heart of Jesus will employ to establishing His reign.”-St. Margaret Mary

“Our Divine Lord assured me that He takes a singular pleasure in being honored under the figure of His Heart of flesh, the image of which He wishes to be exposed in public in order to touch the unfeeling hearts of men. He promised that He would pour out in abundance into the hearts of all those who would honor His Heart all the gifts with which It is filled and that everywhere the image is exposed and honored it would draw down all kinds of blessings.”- St. Margaret Mary

May we seek to love His Heart and honor Jesus daily!

Jesus is inviting us to enter into a love story.